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Gender Equality From A Gender Budgeting Perspective

Author: N. Maruzani, N. Matope, E. Chauraya
Publication Date: Jan 2012

Gender budgeting, also known as gender responsive budgeting, tracks how budgets respond to gender equality and women’s rights requirements. This entails investing in, and making available mechanisms, guidelines and indicators that enable gender equality advocates to track progress, and show how supposedly gender-neutral budgets impact men and women.

The aim of this discussion is to highlight the importance of gender budgeting in addressing gender disparities while taking note of the fact that gender is a key variable in development. The term ‘gender budgeting’ is defined in an effort to show how the practice can lead to gender equitable resource allocation, and improve revenue generation for nations. This enables government’s commitment to realising gender equality and women’s empowerment through practical policies.

Despite the fact that gender budgeting is a relatively new concept, it is undoubtedly an important ingredient in quickening the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and the fulfilment of international commitments on gender equality. The discussion concludes by highlighting success stories of gender budgeting initiatives in various countries, in an effort to show how gender budgeting can be used as a tool for engendering macroeconomic policies.

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