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Gender, Poverty And Development: Gender Sensitive Budgeting And Other 'Best Practices'

Author: R. Dewan
Publisher: ESocialSciences
Publication Date: Jan 2004

The dominance of the mainstream growth-oriented development paradigm is being increasingly superseded by the Sustainable Human Development approach. No concept of development, however, can be complete unless and until it incorporates the gender component at each and every level.

The major focus of this paper is on theoretical and conceptual issues, which are defined primarily on the basis of the gendered economic reality of existence and survival. After identifying crucial, gendered poverty components, the author takes on a primarily gendered critique of ‘best practices’. This is followed by a somewhat detailed presentation of gender sensitive budgeting initiatives, particularly in so-called ‘hard’ sectors, within the context of a best practice.

The conclusion raises issues of gendered conceptual and practical linkages between theory and experience, perceived within the broader perspective of redefining the origin of poverty, as well as reassessing current anti-poverty growth strategies.

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