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Gender Responsive Budgeting and the Aid Effectiveness Agenda: Experiences from Mozambique

Author: N. Holvoet, L. Inberg
Publication Date: Jul 2014

This article examines how gender-equality objectives have been addressed within the context of the Paris Declaration and related aid-reform processes. The focus of the article is on gender-responsive budgeting (GRB), an approach that is being increasingly advanced to increase the gender sensitivity of changing aid modalities, but which has remained understudied. The article, therefore, seeks to fill this gap using the case study of Mozambique. It highlights the contribution of GRB towards increasing the gender sensitivity of national policy documents and budget processes with which donors increasingly (intend to) align, within the context of changing aid processes. Additionally, the study explores the underlying mechanisms that explain the benefits of GRB, which makes the findings also interesting beyond the Mozambican context.

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