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Unintended Pregnancy and Unsafe Abortion in the Philippines: Context and Consequences

Publisher: Alan Guttmacher Institute
Publication Date: Jan 2013

How can reproductive health services improve in the Philippines? Although the government has enhanced access to contraceptive services, abortion is still illegal under all circumstances and about 1000 women die each year from complications of unsafe abortions. In addition, due to the stigmatisation of abortions, most health services do not offer post abortion care or the methods used are unsafe and invasive.

This report provides reproductive health indicators, in particular on levels of contraceptive use, unplanned pregnancy and unsafe abortion in the socio-political context of the Philippines and lists recommendations for improving access to reproductive health services. The report suggests that Filipino national, regional and local policymakers and government agencies should sensitise the public about modern contraceptives and the danger of unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortion, ensure sufficient funding for a different range of contraceptive methods, make clinics more accessible to vulnerable populations, provide contraceptive counselling, and improve and destigmatise post abortion care among providers.