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Youth and abortion: key strategies and promising practices for increasing young women's access to abortion services

Publisher: International Planned Parenthood Federation
Publication Date: Jan 2014

Abortion is often portrayed in a one-dimensional way, primarily focusing on abortions of unwanted pregnancies. But abortion also affects education, professional careers and family life. This document is based on the findings of the evidence collection of the Adolescent, Access and Abortion teams of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and is designed to support organisations to address young people’s access to abortion and abortion-related services.

Restrictions to make decisions about sex and sexual health, stigma and the lack of youth-friendly services are all factors that impede many young women to access abortion services. The document provides a list of promising practices, such as focusing on confidentiality and autonomy and the integration with other youth programmes, to overcome these challenges. It concludes by calling for action and listing specific recommendations in terms of institutional policies, youth-friendly sexual health provision, information, education and communication, and advocacy.