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Facts on Induced Abortion Worldwide

Publisher: Alan Guttmacher Institute
Publication Date: Jan 2012

This In Brief presents facts on abortion around the world. Global trends show that almost half of all abortions are done under unsafe conditions. Such unsafe abortions are nearly all conducted in developing countries. Compared to developed regions, there are slightly more abortions in developing countries. In Africa, most abortions are unsafe and illegal and no decline in abortions could be observed over time. South Africa, where abortion is legal, has the lowest abortion rate of all African sub regions.

Access to family planning services is essential in order to tackle the problem of unsafe abortions in developing countries. Unsafe abortions have severe impacts on women’s health and productivity. The need for modern contraceptives for women in developing countries must be met in order to avoid unintended pregnancies, abortions and unplanned births.