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Global Monitoring Checklist on Women Peace and Security: Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Nepal, Northern Ireland and Sri Lanka.

Publication Date: Jan 2009
The Global Monitoring Checklist is a pilot research project designed to contribute towards international understanding on women, peace and security efforts. It highlights relevant activities at the local and national level by women, civil society, national governments and the international community. It is not a comprehensive survey of all initiatives relating to women, peace and security; rather, it is a first step in gathering and collating information that links directly to UNSCR 1325 implementation. In support of work already carried out by women’s organisations, governments and multilateral agencies, this checklist provides country-specific information that identifies achievements, good practice and obstacles to the implementation of UNSCR 1325. It has been compiled in order to monitor progress in advancing the women, peace and security agenda in five conflict-affected regions: Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Nepal, Northern Ireland and Sri Lanka. The overall aims of the project are to: contribute towards a deeper understanding of the substantive issues covered in the resolution; to provide practical information to assist a variety of stakeholders in their fulfillment of their commitments on UNSCR 1325; and to present this information in a clear, usable format that will be accessible to policymakers, civil society activists and other stakeholders. The research has been carried out by Gender Action for Peace and Security UK (GAPS). GAPS is the expert UK civil society group working to promote, facilitate and monitor the meaningful inclusion of gender perspectives into UK policy and practice on peace and security.