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16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign - Take Action Kit - 2014

Publisher: Centre for Women's Global Leadership
Publication Date: Jan 2014

In these turbulent times, the global theme of the 16 Days Campaign, “From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World”, is very pertinent. The 2014 16 Days Campaign! highlights three priority areas which affect issues of gender-based violence in cross-cutting ways: 1) Violence Perpetrated by State Actors; 2) Proliferation of Small Arms in Cases of Intimate Partner Violence; and 3) Sexual Violence During and After Conflict. It is important to address the intersections of gender-based violence and militarism in the lives of women, men, and whole communities. As a set of ideas and values, militarism is pervasive and has detrimental effects on the safety, security and dignity of all peoples. Militarism is rooted in patriarchal beliefs about gender, and influences how we are socialized to believe in and act upon stereotypes. Militarism enables perpetrators of violence to act with impunity, governments to sanction discriminatory and unequal legislation and policies, and societies to condone and promote harmful cultural practices.  This Take Action Kit gives women activists some tools to advocate for women’s human rights and against gender based violence and militarism. It includes information on Violence Perpetrated by State Actors; Proliferation of Small Arms in Cases of Intimate Partner Violence; Sexual Violence During and After Conflict; on Gender-Based Violence, Women Human Rights Defenders, and State Accountability; on What is Militarism?; and on Gender-Based Violence in the Workplace. It also includes profiles on the Post 2015 Women’s Coalition, the Beijing+20 process, and information on writing grant proposals, creating a press release, and using social media.

Summary adapted from source.