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Recognising Women’s Participation in Sustainable and Lasting Peace

Publication Date: Dec 2011

It is a reality that community, local government, media and even some civil society groups remain unaware of United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 on women, peace and security. With financial support from ICCO (Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation), Isis International completed a two-year two--country project entitled “Cultural Politics of Peace and Conflict: strategising and capacity building for the Philippines and Indonesia”, June 2008-May 2010. The project aimed to help create an enabling environment where women can actively participate in and significantly contribute to peace and conflict resolution processes; and to build the capacities of women in peace building processes. Findings present the voices of women stakeholders as they shared their perspectives in their experiences of violence, its gendered impact on women and particular women’s violations they feel need urgent attention amidst the experience of conflict. The findings have also surfaced ways women’s participation is supported by women stakeholders in gender, peace and development. Their practice speaks of mechanisms supportive of their efforts and challenges they experience. Recommendations suggest strengthening practice towards women, peace and security (including engendering peace journalism and multisectoral dialogues) and developing effective programmes grounded on people’s needs (including engendering local systems for conflict resolution, monitoring women’s participation in formal leadership, capacity building of community based organisations and government agencies on crisis intervention for gender based violence, and support for cooperatives and alternatives livelihood programmes for women).

Summary adapted from source.