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Provisión de información pública sobre los servicios especializados de atención a mujeres en situación de violencia doméstica a cargo del Instituto Nacional de las Mujeres – Mides

Publication Date: Nov 2011

This report analyses the processes whereby the Women’s National Machinery (InMujeres) in Uruguay records, produces and accesses public information on domestic violence through the domestic violence services. In particular the study wants to assess what information is produced by InMujeres through its interventions on situations of domestic violence, and how such information is presented and disseminated. In this way it was possible to determine what indicators the Uruguayan state uses to evaluate public policy and monitor how the national plan against domestic violence is implemented. Starting from the basic assumption that the state has an obligation to produce information around the situation of human rights in order to define, implement and evaluate correctly any relevant public policy, the study aims also to inform citizens on legislation on access to information so that they are aware of their rights, in this case, to a life free of violence. This study maps the existing infrastructure, highlights the public funds and human resources allocated to relevant services, and the profiles of women victims and their aggressors. The study found that services are not available throughout the country, indicators to measure their impact are not appropriate, and the demand of such services has increased. The study also highlighted that the way information on types of domestic violence and frequency is collected does not enable to identify patterns. Systems of collection, analysis and dissemination of data around the impact of domestic violence services must be enhanced and a better coordination amongst institutions to resolve situations of domestic violence must be achieved.