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Gender and Militarism Analyzing the Links to Strategize for Peace

Author: Isabelle Geuskens (ed)
Publisher: Women Peacemakers Program
Publication Date: May 2014

We are approaching the 15th anniversary of United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 which recognises women’s roles in conflict resolution as well as the specific impacts of war on women’s lives. Its actual implementation however faces many challenges, including its use as a tool to support women’s recruitment into military institutions. Does this make the world a safer place? Is the increased participation of women in armed forces beneficial for women and for society in general? To date implementing UNSCR 1325 seems to have been interpreted as fitting women into current peace and security models rather than using women’s vision and perspectives to redefine peace and security. This Action Pack, produced by the Women Peacemakers program, contains 22 contributions from individuals and organisations interrogating some of the suppositions behind the “just add women and stir” tactic. The contributors demonstrate how challenging the normalisation of violent or militarised solutions to conflict can create opportunities for real change. They call for the broadening of current peace and security paradigms via a gendered lens in order to cultivate alternative conflict resolution and prevention mechanisms – for example by focusing on the roots of conflict, such as systemic violations of human rights, or practising nonviolence—also referred to as “people power” or “civil courage.