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Stop Violence Against Girls in School. Success Stories

Publisher: ActionAid International
Publication Date: Sep 2013

Millions of girls in sub-Saharan Africa continue to be denied their right to education. Violence and the fear of violence are also critical factors preventing girls from attending school. Action Aid’s Stop Violence Against Girls in School project was conducted in Ghana, Kenya and Mozambique from 2008 to 2013 with the objective of empowering girls to enjoy their right to education in a violence-free environment. By placing girls at the centre of the project and combining research, advocacy and community-based initiatives, the project delivered contextualised intervention strategies which resulted in measurable reductions in incidents of violence against girls in all three countries. This report documents examples of best practice emerging from the project. It comprises an overview of the conceptual project framework, a summary of successful interventions and  methodologies – for example the creation of safe spaces and empowering parents to act as peer parent educators - and an outline of the project’s research, monitoring and evaluation components.  Case studies demonstrate changes in attitudes and behaviours in the target communities – for example the project’s endline research reveals that girls in Mozambique are now more likely to report violence than they were in 2009 - their cases are also now considerably more likely to reach official channels.