Global Resources

Politics and advocacy

Author: L. VeneKlasen, V. Miller
Publisher: Practical Action [Intermediate Technology Development Group]
Publication Date: Jan 2007

This chapter aims to help the reader bring to the surface some of the misgivings about what is ‘political’ in order to establish a level of comfort with the ‘subject’. It highlights that in many countries, engaging in advocacy first requires overcoming an aversion to politics (see box below). People who have survived repressive regimes, violent conflict, and other kinds of political instability often fear politics. In older democracies, apathy can be an equally stubborn barrier to getting involved in advocacy. The exercises in this chapter are also designed to be useful for more experienced activists who may think of politics only in terms of formal public decision making such as political parties legislatures, and government. The exercises can help to extend their political thinking to the informal realms of decision making in organizations, communities, and families.

Taken from VeneKlasen, L. and Miller, V. (2007) A new weave of power, people & politics: the action guide for advocacy and citizen participation. Practical Action Publishing