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Green Jobs and Women Workers: Employment, Equity, Equality

Author: C. Stevens
Publication Date: Oct 2009

How can the green economy drive equitable, gender sensitive growth?  The green job phenomenon is being driven by governments in pursuit of environmentally sensitive economic growth with greening strategies proposed as a solution to both economic downturn and climate change. Millions of green jobs will be created worldwide in the next twenty years. Government and union action is required however to raise the proportion of green jobs filled by women. This paper examines trends in the creation of green jobs, the quality of these jobs and their accessibility to women workers. Key recommendations include anti-discrimination laws and family-friendly mandates to increase the number of women who are employed through the green economy, quotas and targeted schemes to ensure the recruitment of women into non-traditional jobs, training for women in green jobs skills, the reduction of gender-based job segmentation and the increased unionisation of women in potential green sectors.