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Women, girls and disasters: a review for DFID

Author: S. Bradshaw, M. Fordham
Publisher: Department for International Development, UK
Publication Date: Aug 2013

This review sets out evidence of the impact that disasters have on women, adolescent girls and girls.

It identifies initiatives and investments that have been developed to address or mitigate these. The report identifies a number of gaps in response and makes recommendations for addressing them.

The paper argues there is a need to ‘embed’ a gendered humanitarian response within existing development initiatives. However, there is also a need for those working in development to understand that Gendered DRR (GDRR) is primarily a development, not a humanitarian issue. 
The review identifies future factors which will impact on the magnitude of future ‘disasters’ and how they are experienced by women and men, girls and boys and in turn disasters will have an impact on them. These include environmental stress, financial and food crises, migration and rapid urbanisation.