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Sexuality and Social Justice: A Toolkit | Sexuality, Poverty and Law

Publication Date: Jan 2015

The Sexuality and Social Justice Toolkit, is a user-friendly resource to assist activists, civil society organisations, researchers and others in understanding some of the most pressing issues relating to sexuality, gender identity and social justice. In this site you will find specially-commissioned content including: up-to-date case studies; practical tools; summaries of current debates; explanations of legal terms; and, options for mobilising. These are included alongside a wide range of further resources and information produced by others, that you may find useful in your work. This toolkit was compiled by the Sexuality, Poverty and Law Programme at the Institute for Development Studies in collaboration with our members and partners worldwide. There are five sections to the tools kit.

Issues and Debates: This section outlines some of the key issues and academic debates taking place around sexuality, poverty and the law. These summaries give you a brief introduction to what is being talked about, the arguments being made and the evidence being used. They are accompanied by further reading lists and you can also find out more by reading the legal case studies and policy audits.

Policy and the Law: What you need to know Whether you are interested in becoming more involved in political processes, are considering strategic litigation, or you just want to know more about your rights, this section is designed to give you confidence to understand political processes and the legal language you will encounter.

Taking Action: What you can do. This section introduces some of the ways that activists and others have worked successfully with local communities, engaged in policy processes or challenged the law, to effect positive change. You will find examples of different approaches and of what works and in what contexts.Each approach is accompanied by a recent example as well as a list of practical tips or action points for anyone considering this approach. The ‘Inside Stories’ illustrate the challenges of carrying out this kind of work, from those with direct experience.

Practical Tools: In this section you will find a range of practical tools to help guide and strengthen your work. Here you will find activities with learning objectives and clear instructions as well as resources and an interactive forum where you can post your tips.

Information and Resources: This section contains references and links to additional resources including a selection of relevant articles, books, clips, reports, guides and databases - most of which are freely available on the internet.