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SDG 5: Gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls - YouTube

Publisher: UN Women
Publication Date: Sep 2015

The sustainable development goals (SDGs) seek to change the course of the 21st century, addressing key challenges such as poverty, inequality, and violence against women. Women have a right to equality in all areas. Women’s equality must be embedded across legal systems and upheld in both laws and legal practices, including proactive measures such as quotas. Since all areas of life relate to gender equality, efforts must be made to cut the roots of gender discrimination wherever they appear. Women have a critical role to play in all of the SDGs, with many targets specifically recognizing women’s equality and empowerment as both the objective, and as part of the solution. Goal 5 is known as the stand-alone gender goal because it is dedicated to achieving these ends. This video highlights some of the issues and advocates for the inclusion of women in all aspects of development.