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Women Preventing Violent Extremism. Charting a New Course: Thought for Action Kit

Publisher: United States Institute of Peace
Publication Date: Jan 2015

This resource is intended to engage a discussion on key issues related to the role of women and preventing violent extremism. It is not for an academic audience nor is it a tool kit - it as a thought kit. This is a collection of experts’ essays and exercises, designed to help guide activists and practitioners to engage in reflection and dialogue on violent extremism. In addition, it resources aims to bring greater awareness to the particular roles of women and women’s organisations in dealing with violent extremist ideologies.

The first section of this publication examines the question of gender and why it is important to consider both men and women when addressing violent extremism. The second section deals specifically with women and the dynamics of extremist violence. It invites thinking about women as actors in preventative efforts as well as perpetrators of terrorist acts. Finally, the third section raises issues related to the various ways in which to engage communities, including members of the security sector.