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Policy Brief: Why Women as Peace Negotiators & Peace Builders?

Publication Date: Jan 2015

Afghan Women’s Network (AWN) strongly believe in the inclusion and role of Afghan women as peace builders and negotiators. Despite the fact that women have struggled over years for their inclusion and impactful representation, they remain underrepresented. Through this Policy Brief, the AWN highlights findings from a number of reports on women peace builders in Afghanistan and internationally, which clarify the vital importance and value of women in peace processes. AWN proposes five strategies for women’s inclusion in peace negotiations in this brief. These are:

  • Direct participation of women at the negotiating table
  • Support women in observer roles
  • Establish a consultation mechanism with women central to this
  • Problem-solving workshops for women peace negotiators
  • Encourage movement-building and mass actions

AWN have also produced two key research reports in 2015 on women’s rights in Afghanistan: