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Candid Voices from the Field: Obstacles to a Transformative Women, Peace & Security Agenda & to Women’s Meaningful Participation in Building Peace & Security

Author: K. McMinn
Publisher: Women Peacemakers Program
Publication Date: Jan 2015

This research and action project was launched in the context of the 15th anniversary of UNSCR 1325, to discover the deep-rooted obstacles to women’s participation in peace and security efforts. Moving beyond the UN Security Council’s definition of conflict situations, the project looks at a broader geographic picture, with case studies that illuminate conflict prevention, nonviolent conflict resolution, and post-conflict rebuilding. Focusing on a broad regional representation, the project addresses conflicts traditionally under-represented in the discourse, and how women are working in these areas and can be better supported.

Highlighting and reflecting the experiences and voices of the project partners, through interviews and a Global Consultation in June, the project explores the specific work of participants, including their assessment of successes and challenges to their peace work. Drawing on these perspectives, the project provides action-oriented recommendations for governments, international organizations, and NGO colleagues. The recommendations focus on sustainable measures these actors can take to support the successes of women peacebuilders and to overcome the barriers these women encounter.