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The Malala of Syria

Author: J. Chen
Publisher: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Publication Date: Nov 2015

This short film (3 mins) tells the story of Muzon a young Syrian woman who is a passionate advocate for the education of girls and young women in Jordan’s refugee camps. Education has always played a big part in Muzon’s life. Both of her parents were teachers back in Syria’s southern Dara’a province, and her aunt and uncle were head teachers at local schools. She fled with her family in early 2013, and two and a half years later at the age of 17, her deeply held conviction of the importance of education has become a defining feature of Muzon’s life in exile. Not only has she continued her studies in Jordan, but she has also become a forceful and increasingly high-profile advocate for education among Syrian refugees, particularly young women and girls. She has also fought against the widely held belief within the camps that early marriage is the best way to secure the future of young female refugees. Her campaigning has drawn comparisons with Malala, Pakistan’s Nobel Prize-winning education advocate, whom Muzon has met several times and considers a personal friend.