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Economic crisis and women's work: exploring progressive strategies in a rapidly changing global environment

Author: J. Ghosh
Publisher: UN Women
Publication Date: Jan 2013

This report examines the gendered impacts of on-going global financial and economic crises in the labour market. It focuses on issues of women’s employment and decent work, particularly taking into account the implications for those employed in the informal work sector such as the self- employed, those employed by micro-enterprises, unpaid workers in family businesses and those who provide unpaid care work.

The paper provides a broad macroeconomic background to understanding the wider context in which gendered outcomes on employment unfold. Additionally, it analyses regional cases showing how crisis response strategies are crucial to determining the extent to which employment is preserved through and after a financial crisis. The findings stress the importance of taking an integrated gender approach for a sustained and equitable recovery. These examinations lead to policy recommendations relevant to different contexts.


Adapted from author's summary