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Social Protection Floors and gender equality: a brief overview

Author: L. Tessier, M. S. Plaza, C Behrendt
Publisher: International Labour Organization
Publication Date: Jan 2013

This paper examines some of the linkages between gender inequality and social protection, recognising that effective and equitable access to social protection is a key tool for reducing poverty and inequality. The paper identifies various gender-specific vulnerabilities and inequalities in relation to women’s access to social protection. The paper then discusses how national social policies and social protection schemes can contribute to redressing gender inequality and women’s poverty, highlighting some of the complex aspects in order to increase our understanding of how social protection floors can enhance women’s empowerment and facilitate women’s participation in decent and productive employment. Finally, the last chapter summarizes recent developments in the international legal framework that now defends the right to social security and the right to non- discrimination and equality of treatment within social protection as universal rights.

 Adapted from authors’ summary.