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Cash transfer programmes, poverty reduction and empowerment of women: a comparative analysis

Author: E. Fultz, J. Francis
Publisher: International Labour Organization
Publication Date: Jan 2013

This working paper is a comparative analysis of selected cash transfer programmes (CTPs) from Brazil, Chile, India, Mexico and South Africa that aims to better understand how to increase the impact of CTPs on women’s poverty alleviation and economic empowerment. The paper provides an overview of each of the programmes and assesses how they have impacted results on poverty, nutrition and health, education, training and employment and personal empowerment. 

Distinguishing between what Moser and Levy (1986) and Molyneux (2008) have termed women’s “practical” interests on the one hand and their “strategic” ones on the other, the paper discusses how cash transfers can be (re)structured to provide greater support for women’s economic empowerment by drawing on ILO Social Protection Floors Recommendation (No. 202). 

Adapted from authors’ summary.