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Ghana LEAP programme increases schooling outcomes

Author: R. de Groot
Publisher: UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre
Publication Date: Jun 2015

There is a growing body of literature analysing the impacts of social cash transfer programmes (SCT) on schooling. This brief summarizes findings from the impact evaluation of the Ghana Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) programme on schooling outcomes overall and for various subgroups: by sex, age group and cognitive ability. 

The results of this study show that Ghana’s LEAP programme had strong impacts on children’s schooling, in particular on certain subgroups. By moving beyond average treatment effects, the study provides important insights on the nuances around the programme impacts. The strong results among older children with low cognitive ability supports theories of compensating behaviour by parents, and suggests that programme conditionality is not necessary to induce parents to send more vulnerable children to school. 

Adapted from author’s summary.