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World social protection report: building economic recovery, inclusive development, and social justice

Publisher: International Labour Organization
Publication Date: Jan 2014

This ILO World Social Protection Report provides a global overview of the organisation of the world’s social protection systems for 2014/2015. The report takes its point of departure in the global inequities in the provision of social security, recognising that social protection policies play a critical role in realising the right to social protection for all and supporting inclusive growth. The three main chapters present the state of social protection for children and families; women and men of working age, including people with disabilities; and older persons. The chapters highlight the particular vulnerabilities that different social groups face. Another chapter analyses trends and recent policies and assesses the negative impacts of coverage deficits, the shortage of health care workers and fiscal consolidation, amongst other factors. Finally, the paper calls for an expansion of social protection, including social protection floors in low-income countries, in the pursuit of crisis recovery, inclusive development and social justice. 

Adapted from available executive summary.