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Welcome to the Global Resources Database. This library contains over 3,000 specially selected gender documents picked from over 1,500 sources. It covers longstanding concerns and debates as well as emerging issues. It provides access to research, reports and policy documents, as well as records of good practice, lessons learnt and case studies, amongst other things. Each resource has been summarised providing a brief overview, key findings and recommendations, to help you save time deciding which resources you really want to read.

The database is added to monthly with the latest resources on a particular theme and/or region. We often pick a theme which is particularly relevant, for example, linking in with the theme of a key international gender event or campaign. However some months we like to showcase work from a region or on a theme that is underrepresented to provide space for more marginalised issue and further add to the diversity of our database.

We also strive to make resources available in languages other than English. A number of resources are available in French and Spanish, as well as other languages within the database.

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United Nations [UN] Commission on the Status of Women ., Mar 2002
The 46th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) concluded that a gender perspective must be incorporated into the development and implementation of disaster prevention, mitigation and recovery strategies. This report... Find out more
Author: M. Mukoni, International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, Apr 2015
Natural resource conservation is absolutely key to the concept of sustainable development, yet environmental pressures continue to increase including soil degradation, water availability, and nutrient cycling. Within natural resource... Find out more
Authors: S. Fleischli, N. Holzmann, C. Reimann, Environment Conflict and Cooperation, May 2007
The linkages between gender, environment and conflict have so far not been studied in detail. Environmental changes and conflicts impact men and women differently because of their gender roles and socio-cultural situation. More often than... Find out more
Women’s Environment and Development Organisation, Feb 2011
Climate change has a range of direct and indirect impacts on the full enjoyment of human rights. This document presents some recommendations put forward by the Women's Environment and Development Organisation (WEDO) to mainstream gender in... Find out more
Author: E. Boyd, Routledge, Jul 2002
Since the United Nations Kyoto Protocol was agreed in 1997 and set legally-binding targets for signatories to limit or reduce greenhouse gas emissions; forest cultivation has been promoted as an important means to reduce carbon dioxide... Find out more
Author: R. Masika, Routledge, Jul 2002
Gender issues are rarely addressed in climate change debates and initiatives. The international response to climate change has largely focused on scientific and technological measures to tackle climate change, with less attention being... Find out more
Author: I. Dankalman, Taylor and Francis Group, Jul 2002
Is climate change gender neutral? This article argues that it is not. Gender roles and relations interact with the causes and impacts of climate change in five key areas:- gender-specific resource-use and management patterns that can... Find out more
Author: N. Tandon, Jan 2007
This article examines how climate change will impact on water security, from both the supply and the demand side, and considers how the African continent is especially vulnerable to adverse impacts.In particular it explores:?What needs to... Find out more
Author: G, Johnsson-Latham, Gender and Environment /Genero y ambiente, Jan 2007
How can a gender perspective facilitate more sustainable economic growth and well-being for all? This paper, which was presented at the 15th meeting of the United Nations Commission for Sustainable Development in May 2007, grapples with... Find out more
Genanet, Jan 2005
In 2005, 23 participants gathered to discuss gender and climate change related research, and its role and use in women's / gender related advocacy in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) process. Three... Find out more