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Welcome to the Global Resources Database. This library contains over 3,000 specially selected gender documents picked from over 1,500 sources. It covers longstanding concerns and debates as well as emerging issues. It provides access to research, reports and policy documents, as well as records of good practice, lessons learnt and case studies, amongst other things. Each resource has been summarised providing a brief overview, key findings and recommendations, to help you save time deciding which resources you really want to read.

The database is added to monthly with the latest resources on a particular theme and/or region. We often pick a theme which is particularly relevant, for example, linking in with the theme of a key international gender event or campaign. However some months we like to showcase work from a region or on a theme that is underrepresented to provide space for more marginalised issue and further add to the diversity of our database.

We also strive to make resources available in languages other than English. A number of resources are available in French and Spanish, as well as other languages within the database.

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Author: M Tadros, Jan 2015
In the aftermath of the Egyptian revolution in 2011, young men and women led highly innovative initiatives to counter increased levels of sexual harassment in Egypt’s public spaces. This study examines what has happened to these... Find out more
United Nations Security Council, Mar 2015
The present report, which covers the period from January to December 2014, is submitted pursuant to paragraph 22 of Security Council resolution 2106 (2013), in which the Council requested to report annually on the implementation of... Find out more
Authors: B. Heilman, L. Hebert, N. Paul-Gera, International Centre for Research on Women, Jan 2014
In a context where one in three women worldwide experience physical and/or sexual violence by a partner in their lifetimes, this study investigates the prevalence of sexual violence perpetration by men, as well as the risk and protective... Find out more
Jul 2015
One billion children experience some form of violence each year. Girls are particularly vulnerable, with 120 million under the age of 20 reporting forced sexual intercourse or other forced sexual acts at some point in their lives. Beyond... Find out more
Author: commission on the status of women, UN Women, Jan 2013
In 2013, the 57th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW57) reached a historic global consensus that discrimination and violence against women and girls have no place in today’s world, and agreed on a... Find out more
Author: Eldis Interactions, Institute of Development Studies UK, Mar 2015
Throughout the course of the 59th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW59), Eldis Interactions were compiling a live blog examining the topic of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). This commentary brings together... Find out more
Author: T Su, Jan 2015
In this well-written and informative piece, PEN International - the world’s leading association of writers - reports on the 59th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW59). In the report, the author, Tsung Su, acknowledges... Find out more
Authors: J Sarson, L MacDonald, Jan 2015
Jeanne Sarson and Linda MacDonald are independent scholars and educators that tackle human rights issues from a relational feminist perspective, focusing specifically on the area of non-state torture (NST). Together they run Persons... Find out more
Authors: T Shahrokh, E Mills, Institute of Development Studies UK, Mar 2015
This report from Thea Shahrokh and Elizabeth Mills of the Institute for Development Studies reflects on the 59th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW59), and ties it to the work of collective actors addressing structural... Find out more
Author: A. Ndinga-Muvumba, African Centre for Constructive Resolution of Disputes , Jan 2013
The International Conference of the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) seeks to coordinate the efforts of a regional security community while simultaneously addressing the difficult and deep-rooted problems of sexual and gender-based violence in... Find out more