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Welcome to the Global Resources Database. This library contains over 3,000 specially selected gender documents picked from over 1,500 sources. It covers longstanding concerns and debates as well as emerging issues. It provides access to research, reports and policy documents, as well as records of good practice, lessons learnt and case studies, amongst other things. Each resource has been summarised providing a brief overview, key findings and recommendations, to help you save time deciding which resources you really want to read.

The database is added to monthly with the latest resources on a particular theme and/or region. We often pick a theme which is particularly relevant, for example, linking in with the theme of a key international gender event or campaign. However some months we like to showcase work from a region or on a theme that is underrepresented to provide space for more marginalised issue and further add to the diversity of our database.

We also strive to make resources available in languages other than English. A number of resources are available in French and Spanish, as well as other languages within the database.

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Author: C. J. Brege, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library, Jan 2015
Feminisms can be expressed in many forms, in a variety of complex sub-cultural systems that are full of synergies and contradictions. One such arena is music. In this paper, Casey Jo Brege examines the types of feminism expressed through... Find out more
Author: M. Mukoni, International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, Apr 2015
Natural resource conservation is absolutely key to the concept of sustainable development, yet environmental pressures continue to increase including soil degradation, water availability, and nutrient cycling. Within natural resource... Find out more
Author: A. Ibeku Ijeoma, Jun 2015
The multi-award winning author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has distinguished herself as one of Nigerian’s most successful female writers, and in this essay published in the Journal for Humanities and Art Studies, Ibeku Ijeoma Ann uses one of... Find out more
Author: F. Machirori, Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa, Jan 2014
In 2012, trained journalist and blogger Fungai Machirori established Her Zimbabwe, the country’s first web-based platform for women. Machirori is also a contributor to other platforms, such as the Mail and Guardian’s ‘Voices of Africa’,... Find out more
Authors: S. Batliwala, M. Friedman, CREA, Jan 2014
This toolkit was developed to help individuals and organisations dedicated to advancing a feminist social change agenda—an agenda that believes that all development and social justice must be rooted in gender and social equality. It is... Find out more
Author: C. N. Adichie, Jan 2013
“I am angry. Gender as it functions today is a grave injustice. We should all be angry.” Though her 2013 TED Talk is infused with much light-hearted humour, the message of acclaimed Nigerian author Chinamanda Ngozi Adichie was a serious... Find out more
Authors: B. Adeleye-Fayemi (ed), J. Horn (ed), Jan 2009
In this book, 79 African feminists describe their personal evolution as feminists, their activist work, as well as their vision for an African continent, and indeed a world, framed by equality and respect for women’s rights. The women... Find out more
Flora Tristán, Apr 2014
What challenges do feminist movements in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) face? This manifesto was produced for the 13th LAC regional feminist conference. Entitled, ‘For the Emancipation of our Bodies,’ it articulates the ways in... Find out more
Author: O. Iwuchukwu, Jan 2013
In Nigeria, patriarchal gender roles are clearly defined and deeply entrenched. This paper argues that there can never be gender equality in life; a man and a woman can never be equal, but can work together in mutual respect for... Find out more
Author: Marcela Lagarde y de los Rios, Instituto de las Mujeres de la Ciudad de México, Jan 2013
La antropóloga, feminista y académica mexicana Marcela Lagarde recopila una serie de textos publicados, expuestos o enunciados en diferentes espacios y diferentes países, durante más de tres décadas para entender la condición de género y... Find out more