Siyanda Update: The European Union - Issue No. 77, June 2009

Siyanda Update: The European Union - Issue No. 77, June 2009

Publisher: BRIDGE
Publication Date: Jun 2009


In This Issue:

I. Country Focus: The European Union
II. Experts' and Consultants' Database: a selection of published work from Siyanda Experts with interests in Gender Responsive Budgeting within the enlarging European Union
III. Contribute section: share news, resources, opportunities and perspectives

I. Country Focus: The European Union
What policies, decision-making processes, funding mechanisms and institutions have been put in place to enact the European Union commitments to gender equality, both internally and in development co-operation?

The following resources are a selection from 19 resources added to the Siyanda database that explore this question:

- Webpage: Equality between Men and Women (in English, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Greek), European Union, June 2009
This webpage contains links to all European Union (EU) legislation, mechanisms and institutions relevant to gender equality.

- European Women's Lobby Resource Kit on Institutional Mechanisms for the Promotion of Equality between Women and Men, European Women's Lobby, January 2009
This resource kit aims at helping NGOs and other interested actors to evaluate and influence international and European institutions as well as their national governments and enable them to strengthen weak or inefficient institutional mechanisms dealing with women's rights and gender equality.

- The Treaty of Lisbon from a Gender Perspective: Changes and Challenges, Women in Development Europe (WIDE), January 2008
This briefing paper aims to present the main innovations in terms of institutional changes, policy perspectives and priorities introduced by the Treaty of Lisbon, focusing particularly on its possible impacts on citizenship, human rights and gender mainstreaming.

- Report on Equality between Women and Men. European Commission, Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, January 2008
What progress has been made with regards to achieving equality between men and women in European Union countries?

- Who Decides - Gender Mapping the European Union´s Policy and Decision-making in the Areas of Development, External Relations and Trade, Women in Development Europe (WIDE), May 2007
This study analyses the role played by key European Union (EU) institutions in defining policy priorities and in developing, implementing and monitoring development programmes in the South, from a feminist perspective.

- Talking about Governance. European Community Aid: Policy and Practice on Governance and Democracy, One World Action, January 2006
What is the role of the European Commission (EC) in ensuring European Union (EU) development cooperation has gender-sensitive governance at its heart?

You can find other key resources related to the European Union in Siyanda at:

The next Siyanda Update, in July 2009, will focus on recent User Submissions suggested to BRIDGE. Users are invited to suggest their resources for possible inclusion in this selection:

Please also visit the archive section to view past Country Focus selections:

II. Resources from the Experts' and Consultants' Database: A selection of published work from Siyanda Experts on Gender Responsive Budgeting within the enlarging European Union.
The Siyanda Gender Experts' and Consultants' Database, with over 1,400 profiles, can be used as a networking tool for connecting practitioners, researchers, activists, students and experts with like-minded colleagues, persons working on similar themes, or in the same geographical location.

Each profile contains the Expert's contact details and areas of expertise, and highlights their publications. The following resources have been selected from experts who have expertise around gender and local governance issues:

- European Gender Budgeting Network, Alvarez, P., 2009
- Paradoxes of Gender Budgeting: Presentation for the First International Conference on Gender Responsive Budgeting and Social Justice in Vilnius (Lithuania), Frey, R., 2008
- Gender Equality; Pre-accession Assistance and Europeanisation: Two Post-Socialist Countries on their Way to the European Union, Röder, I., 2007
- Making Budgets with Gender Perspective (Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic), Simerska, L., 2004
- Gender Audit of the EU Pre-Accession Funds; 1999 - 2004, Bizikova, L., 2004

For further details on these publications, copy and paste or type the author's last name into either the Name or Search Words field on the Experts' and Consultants' search page:

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- Or edit your existing profile: (using your user name and password)

The database is also an excellent resource for those seeking experts for gender-focussed consultancies.

- Search the database:

III. Contribute section
Share your news, resources, opportunities and perspectives in the following ways:

Post your announcements, information requests, training and funding opportunities:

Submit your publications for inclusion in our database, or suggest other resources:

Post your short pieces of work in the Users' Corner:

(All summaries in the update are written or adapted by BRIDGE Team members. This update was edited by Adrian Bannister)

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