Welcome to our new website

'Distracted Meal' from Brian Wolfe under a CC BY-NC 2.0 License

Today BRIDGE launches a re-designed website with better access to multilingual content and a friendlier feel.

We wanted to make more of the collaboration that is integral to our work. We believe it is important to reflect the perspectives and experiences of people working in different regions and from a variety of languages and institutional backgrounds, and to work closely with them to further gender equality. 

Working with partners, including Anacaonas.net and Observ’action, ensures content reflects the latest global and local thinking on gender and development research and the launch of an updated website now makes it easier to share, adapt and reuse this content. 

The new website design also better supports our multilingual approaches. Through our work we seek to counter rather than contribute to the dominance of the English language, which excludes many people from accessing information. Language barriers also inhibit the exchange of resources and experiences between regions, thus preventing cross-regional learning.

French and Spanish are priority languages for BRIDGE, but when resources are available, we have also worked in Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese and Russian.

Not only does the new website increase the visibility of perspectives and resources from BRIDGE’s partners, the more effective navigation system and improved search function makes it easier to access resources. 

Tell us what you think

Give us your thoughts on the new look, new functionality BRIDGE website by emailing us at bridge@ids.ac.uk or via Twitter (@BRIDGE_IDS) or Facebook where you can also get our latest updates. 


Photo: Young women in Oditel, Uganda. By: Brian Wolfe, published here under a CC BY-NC 2.0 License.