Cutting Edge Programmes

BRIDGE Cutting Edge programmes take an exciting and innovative approach to the synthesis and development of knowledge, thinking and good practice around key gender and development issues. The programmes facilitate a collaborative approach to promoting good practice and effective, targeted policies on cutting edge issues. This happens through a range of activities, including online and face-to-face discussions and network building.

The production of BRIDGE Cutting Edge Packs are a key component to the programmes, but we also focus on partnerships and processes of engagement and debate throughout a programme’s lifespan, in order to maximise impact on research, policy and practice. Each Cutting Edge programme is developed in partnership with the following actors, who guide direction and content as well as playing a key role in dissemination and impact:

  • A programme working group, made up of thematic experts from a range of global regions and from activist, academic, policy making and practitioner backgrounds.
  • One or more communities of practice: a diverse group of individuals who come together to discuss, debate and document challenges, barriers and success stories around each programme’s theme, via online discussion.

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