Multilingual approach

The dominance of the English language on the internet and in many international fora means much writing on gender is available only in English, excluding many people from accessing such information. Language barriers also inhibit the exchange of resources and experiences between regions, thus preventing cross-regional learning. We in BRIDGE wish to counter rather than contribute to the dominance of the English language.

BRIDGE’s monitoring and evaluation activities over the years have demonstrated that mere translations of our outputs are not enough. Therefore, we aim to complement our translations with other activities and outputs conducted in collaboration with regional partners.

Our multilingual approach not only entails translating materials into languages other than English, but also connecting with gender debates in other languages (and giving them visibility), identifying regional experiences, lessons learnt and recommendations that can be shared both at regional, cross-regional and global level. Our approach is also user-led which  means that, in collaboration with partners, we respond to the information needs of our non-English speaking audiences, both in terms of formats and content.

French and Spanish are priority languages for BRIDGE, but when resources are available, we have also worked in Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese and Russian.

Our multilingual approach is reflected in our collaborative projects.